Advanced Crafting

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Package Description



  • Placeable crafting tables, and permanent tables through the config.
  • View your craftable items as props!
  • Crafting Queue.
  • Sleek and Modern UI.
  • XP Support & Rewards (Uses Pickle's XP System by default, but you can change it to yours in the bridge).
  • XP is category based, not just one "Crafting XP" category, which is great for learning certain skills!
  • Blueprints, Learn how to craft new items by using blueprint items!
  • Item metadata generation, great for adding serial numbers to items. (Must meet metadata requirements)
  • View and Steal other player's crafted items from their table (configurable).
  • Perform custom actions before crafting / putting an item into queue.
  • And more!


  • ESX (1.1+), QBCore, or code your own bridge to work with your framework. (the bridge is always open source!)

Optional Metadata Support

This is not required to use the script, however enables you to generate items with metadata.

  • QBCore
  • Ox Inventory
  • ESX (Only if your inventory provider allows metadata to be set through "xPlayer.addInventoryItem".

Disclaimers / Notes

  • This is the escrow version meaning the only things accessible will be the config, bridge, and localization. To get full access to the code, purchase the source version.

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