[Source] Landscaping Job

69.99 USD

Package Description




  • Configurable Grass, Leaves, Bushes, and Obstacles.
  • Add as many locations as you want.
  • Work with other players, and split the rewards based on work done.
  • Find work on the map while on-duty as a landscaper.
  • Tow vehicles using the hitch.
  • Mow grass using Lawnmowers and Motorized Lawnmowers.
  • Blow leaves away using a Leaf Blower.
  • Make ugly bushes pretty using Garden Pitchers.
  • Landscaping Department (Clock on/off duty, Buy items, Buy work vehicles & trailers)
  • Uniform setter for when clocking on & off duty.
  • And more!


  • ESX (1.1+), QBCore, or code your own bridge to work with your framework. (the bridge is always open source!)

Disclaimers / Notes

  • This is the source version meaning you get access to the entire code! This is great for things like integrating the system more in-depth to other scripts in your server.